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Weight Loss Help| Reach Your Target | Lose Weight NOW!

Healthy Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy For YOU

Ray's holistic approach helps address all concerns, worries and bad habits around weight loss and has a selection of positive and encouraging weight loss stories from those successful in Losing weight!

How Can I Help You Lose weight?

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy Methods and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; know as CBT techniques to help you lose weight.

Turbo Charge Your Weight Loss

The Imaginary Hypnotic Gastric Band is equivalent to turbo-charging your weight loss! Through the use of hypnotherapy, I will use your imagination to Install an adjustable feedback hypnotic gastric band  which will allow your stomach to inform your brain that you are full, this will help to re-establish communication between your brain and stomach in helping you lose weight.

Hypnosis will physically limit your eating by altering the signals from your stomach to your brain so you feel full quickly thereby reducing the amount you eat which speeds up in helping you to lose weight!

I will work with you from the inside out, looking at the whole picture from every angle be it size, shape, weight, fitness, appearance, eating habits, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and feelings so that you lose weight easily and keep it off!


What Techniques Do I Use to Lose Weight?

I will use Hypnotherapy, CBT techniques, and Hypnotic Gastric Band.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Techniques will help change your emotional association with food as you lose weight weekly and reach your natural, healthy body weight over the weeks and months.
CBT techniques which will help establish positive reinforcement in losing weight.
Hypnotherapy: As you move through the programme you will maintain healthy nutrition throughout your weight loss. 

What Do You Address That Can Help Me Lose Weight?

  • Bad habits associated with food and exercise through CBT techniques
  • Eliminate Issues surrounding cravings
  • Eliminate Emotional Binge Eating
  • Reprogramme Your Metabolism
  • Reprogramme Your Body's ability to Burn Off Excess Fat & Lose weight!
  • Strengthen new positive healthy eating habits and encourage exercise
  • Change your emotions associated with your appearance and Increase your confidence in helping you lose weight.

Be In Control Of YOUR Food & Drink Choices Through Hypnosis!

When Is It Time For ME To Look For Emotional Support?

It's time to seek help when you:

  • feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster
  • YOU have tried everything, yet know there has to be another way to lose weight!
  • are obsessing about what to eat
  • look in the mirror and don’t know who you are anymore!
  • You feel a failure each time you stand on the scales
  • have become negative towards self “my body is failing me"
  • have been told you have to lose weight!
  • start avoiding family social gatherings
  • are experiencing severe stress around your weight and lifestyle


"Release The Weight & Feel More Confident & Comfortable " 

What's Involved In The Lose Weight With Ease Programme?

Over a period of three to six sessions we will work together in eliminating your stress and losing weight at the same time, so it's a double benefit for you in getting your life back on track, feeling younger and fitter and healthier!

The first session is an initial consultation and assessment. From this intake, YOU & I together create an individually tailored programme for you based on a combination of knowledge, techniques, modalities and experience to help support you on your journey of losing weight and living the dream with more energy and vitality!

I Will Help YOU Change Your Relationship With Food Forever!

How Can I Achieve A Slimmer, Healthier Me?

I will help and support you lose weight free from the stress of dieting, calorie counting or meal substitutes.
Your eating habits will gradually change for the better, experiencing healthy weight loss.
You will naturally seek out the healthy nourishment your body requires and increase your health and happiness.

My Goal Is To Help YOU:

Eat only when you are hungry

Be naturally drawn to nutritious and healthy food

Eat and drink slowly and consciously

Stop eating when you get the signal to STOP


 By assisting you to:

  • Lose 2lbs per week, feel good about yourself and in control of  your life
  • Stay on track, back In balance of mind, body and spirit
  • Restore trust In your body and maintain a healthy weight
  • Eliminate Cravings easily
  • Address unresolved Issues from the past that you feel may be preventing you from losing weight!
  • Enhance your sense of control and well-being
  • Support lifestyle changes necessary for optimum health and well-being

The Hypnosis, Gastric Band Hypnosis & Cognitive Reprogramming Course
Is Carefully Designed To Help YOU Lose Weight
So That You Feel More CONFIDENT Within Yourself!

My Lose Weight with Ease’™ programme will help you achieve healthy weight loss and all the above by reconnecting you back to the natural feedback that you were born with, and that is our stomach informing our brain when it is full and to STOP eating or drinking.

My programme will help you to escape from all the unconscious connections, beliefs, fixations and emotional attachments you may have with certain food and drinks and at the same time greatly help to reduce the stress, anxiety, worry we associate with food.

Let Me Help You Optimise Your Chances In Losing Weight!

I am not going to waste your time giving you a long list of reasons why you should lose weight & go on this journey with me and explaining why other weight loss methods have failed for you! In particular, conventional dieting and avoiding certain foods which trigger the craving for them because part of you already knows that by going down the road of forbidden foods and calorie counting, makes you obsess about them even more!

It is bound to rocket your emotions and send your body and mind into survival mode, making you desire them even more and thereby leading to yet more weight gain!

After You Have Booked Online, I Will Personally Call You To Book Your Personal Lose Weight Appointments.

As individuals, we all have a different reason for our weight issues and that is why I offer a range of weight loss packages that are tailored to your personal requirements, that include Hypnotherapy, Gastric Band Hypnosis and Cognitive Re-programming Techniques that will build long lasting POSITIVE HABITS to maintain YOUR Dream Weight Forever!