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Power Up YOUR Weight Loss with Hypnosis! 

As you know I have done various different diets in the past with short term effects and this is the first time I can truly say that thanks to hypnotherapy I am one year on now and have kept off the weight and continue to maintain my healthy goal weight now of 9 stone.

Ray, I really looked forward to our fortnightly meetings, as I was excited through the journey of addressing my emotions which helped me lose weight. It was hard in the beginning to admit that I was bored, lonely, grumpy and miserable; and now I am bright and bubbly and have a new man in my life too! Thanks again

Eimear Walsh, Co. Wicklow


Happy to report that I have lost 2 stone, and it was much easier than I thought.

When we worked through my beliefs,and uncovered my hunger for emotional fulfilment, the weight just fell off!

Our emotions are a funny thing, even though I was aware of some of them consciously I can now see why I could not lose weight as you were right about how the subconscious holds on to the roots of it etc… anyway just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for you support Ray, it was so refreshing to work with you and i loved the hypnotherapy sessions we did too.

Emily, Naas

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My self-esteem has improved throughout the weight loss programme as I move closer to my goals. Through hypnotherapy, I continue to lose weight, I am eating less, feeling fuller, making conscious food choices, exercising more, feeling positive about life and have gained a new understanding of myself. I’ve even dropped 5 dress sizes!!

Ray is a caring, understanding and intuitive practitioner who is extremely attuned to his clients and can create adaptable, individual programmes which will inspire and motivate real long term change.

It is obvious when you meet Ray he is passionate about what he does. This journey with Ray has shown me that this time is different and through hypnotherapy, I can successfully reach my goals.

Clare, Dublin

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