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Ray Manning  Weight Loss | Dublin

Helping YOU Lose Weight Easily & Effortlessly

Ray Manning is competent in a whole variety of energy psychology techniques and consistent in his work to help his clients experience great results in losing weight.Ray uses his experience in a way that encourages clients to achieve positive change & weight Loss in their lives.

As an Energy Practitioner, Trainer and Hypnotherapist, Ray holds numerous certifications in Training and Continuing Education, Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques, Gastric Band Hypnosis & Cognitive Reprogramming Techniques.

ray manning

I Will Help YOU Reach YOUR Target Weight!

Ray's Interests In Health and Wellbeing Focus on; Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Performance Issues, Panic Attacks, Men & Women's Issues.

Ray is energetic, loving and supportive.
Loves cooking and baking
married to Aisling Killoran!

I Help YOU Lose weight FREE from the STRESS of Dieting, Calorie Counting Or Meal Substitutes! 

Ray Is Passionate In Helping YOU Lose Weight! 

  • Certified Professional Hypnotherapist
  • Over Fifteen Thousand Clinical hours
  • Trainer In Health and Wellbeing, since 2000
  • Supporting YOU Lose Weight!

Ray Manning Weight Loss Stories

 Helping You Through Personal Transformation To Lose Weight ~ Ray Manning

       Balancing YOUR mind and body through weight Loss…