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Ray Manning Specialises In Helping You Lose Weight!

Power Up Your Weight Loss!

You have tried a number of diets which have failed you, leaving you feeling that your search for healthy weight loss, cannot be achieved through conventional dieting! Now is the time for you to experience a FULLER and ENRICHED life by changing your relationship with food for good! By achieving your dream weight, you can live life filled with energy, vitality and confidence! 

Ray, with his proven coaching technique will teach you to overcome your late night cravings. Learn how to be in control of your life and weight using proven hypnosis and EFT tapping techniques. Hypnosis Makes Your Life Extra Easy!     

Trying To Lose Weight? 

Congratulations for making YOUR first move to achieving your desired weight loss. Hypnosis is the solution in helping you Optimise Your Chances In Losing weight! As individuals, we all have a different reason for our weight issues and that is why I provide you with personal support and coaching that will enable you to take control of your weight loss.

I am not going to waste your time giving you a long list of reasons why other weight loss methods have failed YOU! Conventional dieting, calorie counting and avoiding certain foods, will only trigger cravings which makes you desire them even more and results in you gaining more weight!

 Losing Weight Begins in the Head!

One to One Confidential Coaching!

Gain Positive Support and Lose Weight!

Eliminate Excess Weight & Stress with Hypnosis & Relaxation 

Our Hypnosis, Gastric Band Hypnosis & Cognitive Re-programming Weight Loss programme is a new approach, designed to help you lose weight,

  • Build your own Inner Strength & Enhance the Benefits of Feeling Free Within yourself
  • Experience non-judgemental emotional support in Losing weight
  • Eliminate STRESS around reaching your target Goal in becoming a slimmer and happier YOU!

Lose the Weight!

Ray Manning, Clinical Hypnotherapist providing EMOTIONAL support in helping you lose weight FREE from the STRESS of Dieting, Calorie Counting Or Meal Substitutes!

Difficulty In Losing Weight?

Let Me Help You Optimise Your Weight Loss!

 Book Your Appointment Today!